Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008 - music is my bridge

As the turkey is cooking in the oven, there is so much to be thankful for. For the past 8 years I have been saddened to be an American due to extremely aggressive policies to take away the freedoms that America has been known for, not to mention an illegal war put together by the Bush/Cheney/Rove gang and the neocon team, I am now cautiously optimistic. Yes, things may get worse before they get better. But to focus on the positive would be to think about the possibilities of all the good things that may be possible in an Obama administration. I say cautiously optimistic because this man, Barak Obama, is being handed a country in the midst of an economic meltdown and very unpopular war(s). If he can run the country with the same precision, clarity, intelligence and civility, that he ran his campaign, then I believe we have a chance. Barak Obama and the team he puts together will really to have create some amazing programs to get us out of this mess. So, I would have to say that I am thankful that Obama won this election. I am also thankful that I have a loving family, a roof over my head, bills that are paid, no debts (other than the one created by the borrowing that my government has done in my name), enough food to eat, the ability to pursue my music and my mission of peace, to be able to work on myself to be a better person, for my connection to the world via the internet, for feeling comfortable in my own skin, and to be able to pursue happiness. Right now, in this present moment, on Thanksgiving Day, I am very happy. I feel like I am just beginning to understand what I am supposed to be doing. And if I were to say that what I am supposed to be doing is to serve God, would people be interested to know which God I am serving? Isn't there only one "true" God? And how can I know that I am not deluding myself and really following my personal desires? I think that these are good questions. And I believe that the answers to those questions will become available as this blog continues. Meanwhile, I am thankful for all that I have been given. I give that thanks to God, or the powers that be, if you will. I will do my best to serve. Even though I am a slow learner, I am beginning to understand that this phase of my life is about giving back. Yes, I need to turn my music and mission into something financially viable. I have to provide for my needs to live and for the needs of my family. But the bigger picture is one of service and to be able to help people in need. This is something very new for me. I have been a self-centered artist/person for almost my entire life. It's time to grow up and really take in the needs of other people. My music is my bridge.

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