Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a good beginning

I find it very interesting that at this moment, 12:54 am, on Thanksgiving Day, I am about to get serious about blogging. I have had my share of blogs on MySpace. And I have written some blogs on Blogger. But I have to say that Twitter pushed me into the world of blogging. I have come across so many blogs in the past few weeks, and I feel the calling for putting down in writing what is really going on as I see it. Getting back to the timing, I am very thankful that this is happening on Thanksgiving Day. I think there is significance to this fact. I see it as yet another beginning into looking for the positive in my life instead of focusing on the negative. I always say that I am a realist, with a pessimistic leaning. That may be true. But it's so easy for me. I fall into it so comfortably. What is not comfortable is to look for the positive and live that positivity. To be aware of the realism and negativity, but to constantly seek out and strive for the positive. That is the effort. That is the difficulty. Gurdjieff used to say, "do what the machine (the mechanical self) does not want to do." So, the path is clear. What I have been using as my "mantra" in the past six months or so is "prepare for the worst and hope for the best." Okay, perhaps I can still prepare for the worst as insurance, only instead of hoping for the best, be my best and focus on the positive. This feels right. A good beginning. It's time to live the peace I find when I am at the keyboard. What I have been bringing to others I have to bring to myself during the times when I am not at the piano.

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