Friday, November 28, 2008

I am not afraid

I was having a conversation with someone recently, and they were saying something about being afraid with all this terrorism happening over in Mumbai. And my response was, "if you are afraid, the terrorists win." That's also what the government wants to perpetuate; the state of fear. The chances of anything happening to anyone in the world due to terrorism is so small, as to be virtually a non-threat. After 9/11 my wife and I took our daughters to Europe almost every summer. At least until the Euro was almost 1 1/2 times the value of a dollar. So many people were concerned that we were flying, and we were flying to Europe. The thing about terrorism is that if people are not afraid, the terrorists lose. They thrive on scaring people. What the world, as a collective whole needs to do is to be fearless against these fear mongers. Each govenment needs to go after these people as thugs of the worst kind. The "war on terror" is the perfect war for the military industrial complex and the U.S. military because it can never be won. It gives them a good reason to exist. There will always be people who will use terror as their method of fighting power that is overwhelming. But they will never "win" either. We can individually win the war on terror by being unafraid and by promoting peace whenever possible.

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