Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bay Area and LA medium tour - January 09

Wow, things have really come together for this January tour. I originally had 1 concert in San Rafael on Friday, January 9th and that was it. Was going to hang out with my friend Richard and see other friends in the bay area. But now I will be playing 3 other concerts. The following night, in Berkeley with Joe Bongiorno and Justin Levitt, Sunday afternoon with Joe Bongiorno and Scott D. Davis in Oakland, and an official Whisperings concert Sunday evening in San Francisco with Steven Cravis and Joe Bongiorno. 4 concerts in 3 days. Really cool to have so many concerts. Really looking forward to it. Then I fly down to LA on Monday morning for a concert that night in Glendale. Still waiting to hear from one more venue. One that I really want to play. Even if that doesn't come through, I have a concert Wedneday night in Westlake, and then the NAMM show on Thursday, and Friday, with the grand finale being Soul at Home on Friday evening. It's going to be amazing. What a whirlwind tour. I love it. Wish I could be doing it all the time and playing larger venues with tons of fans who come to hear me play my peace music. That's what I see happening. That's where I have to take this. I know I can make it work. I just have to keep on keeping on.